InvisalignPayment Options

Option      : Lowest Possible Cost


$4,950 in full at first appointment (scanning/data collection appt)
(check, cash, debit/credit card)
Any insurance reimbursement will be sent directly to you.

Option      : Low Monthly Payments with Care Credit

Payments totaling *$5,490--zero down, 0% Interest with approval through Care Credit

$229 a month  24 Months

$305 a month 18 Months

$458 a month 12 Months

$915 a month  6 Months

* If the promotional purchase amount is not paid in full within the promotional period, interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date and your total payments will be greater than the amount of the promotional purchase amount.

Option      : Low Down Payments with In-House Financing


$500 Down- $596.85 a month for 9 months, totaling $5,871.68

$1,000 Down-$788.11 a month for 6 months, totaling $5,728.65

$1,500 Down-$1370.10 a month for 3 months, totaling $5,610.29



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