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Full Arch Implants


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What Is All-On-X?

Get a new set of teeth secured to dental implants in just 24 hours.

All-On-X is the most popular way to get a full new set of teeth that are permanently secured to dental implants.


Since your new teeth will be “screwed in” to your implants, they are designed to be rock solid and never come out.

No more denture glue.

No more plastic covering the roof your mouth.

No more avoiding your favorite foods like juicy steaks, chewy bread, and fresh salads.



All On X is also known as All On 6, All On 4, or “Teeth In A Day”.

You can feel great about the way your smile looks in the mirror and in photos.


You can stop worrying about what you look like when your teeth come out.


You can order whatever you want off the menu when you go out to eat.



(Immediate Prototype Teeth shown)


What's your story? If you've come this far to learn how Dr. Bowman can replace ALL of your teeth in an arch with implants, this means you're probably frustrated with your situation.  If you have a story to tell, we want to listen.

Perhaps you have dentures that don't fit right, or you thought dentures would be as good as natural teeth and you discovered that's nowhere near the case. Or maybe your smile looks like this guy's on the left and you've given up on trying to rebuild your natural teeth.

Dr. Bowman's 10+ years of implant experience and 6+ years of full arch training puts you in good hands.  He uses the latest in digital technology and his highly skilled surgical team to replace your teeth in about 24 hours!

Yes! You CAN have an amazing smile in a very short time, and you will be able to eat softer foods with them immediately, and after 4 months, you can eat nearly all the foods you miss, like steaks and corn on the cob!


How does he do it!?

The process is straight-forward. First, you call us for a free consultation to see if full-arch implants is the best decision for you.  If so, we will begin with records to plan your case.  This includes photographs, CT scans, digital scans of the mouth, and a few other things.


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We work with talented digital lab technicians who will help us visualize your final result, even before we begin!

Next, we schedule you for your procedure to comfortably place your implants in the best possible positions for retaining your new teeth. 4 or more implants will be placed. Dr. Bowman will sedate you so you're anxiety-free and comfortable for the entire procedure.


The next day, you will return to the office and Dr. Bowman and his team will install a brand new 3D printed set of teeth that are custom fitted for YOU and ONLY you. These are your immediate prototype teeth to eat and smile with. You'll need to be gentle with what you eat for 4 months until your bone strengthens around the implants enough.  After 4 months, MOST people can begin eating harder foods.

After 4 months, Dr. Bowman will work with you to construct your Definitive set of teeth that you love that can last decades.

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How long will my new teeth last?

There's no defined answer for this because it mostly depends on YOU.


A good comparison is a car.  You can find many well-maintained cars from the 1960s on the road still.  And we know that's because the car's owner gave it the excellent care and maintenance it needs to keep on going. With proper design, placement, care, and maintenance, you can expect your new teeth to last decades.

With full arch implants, fractures of the Definitive ceramic tooth material are very rare. Most problems arise in the supporting bone because the new teeth weren't kept clean regularly. Keep the teeth and gums free from plaque and food, and you can count on taking your new teeth to the grave with you.

That sounds great, but what will this cost me?

Let's get one thing straight, a full arch of implant teeth will change your life. To do that requires great expense in time and money for training.  Only a small percentage of dentists in the world know how to perform this procedure.

We compared All-On-X full arch teeth to a car for a reason.  Just like a car, they aren't cheap, and they come with all sorts of options.

You can choose the "Cadillac" option, known as a Full Arch Implant Bridge, that has the most natural appearance but comes at a greater cost and often longer time to complete.

Cost: $55,000-64,000 per arch

You can choose the "Standard" option, known as the zirconia All-On-X, that looks good and functions well, but is a little less like natural teeth emerging from the gums.  You can still eat almost any food you want.

Cost: $35,000 per arch

OR, if you can't quite afford the Cadillac or Standard options, but you still want teeth you can't take out, consider the "Value" option, known as the Acrylic All-on-X.  This will give you all the benefits of the zirconia All-On-X, except it will wear out or fracture faster.  It will include 2 3D printed sets of teeth, and one stronger computer-milled set of teeth.  After that, you can keep replacing those teeth as needed at an additional cost.  You can always upgrade to a zirconia All-On-X set for an additional $10,000. 

Cost: $28,000


Replacement 3D printed teeth: $1500

Replacement Computer-milled teeth: $3500

Click Here to Read the Price Guide For Dental Implants

Payment Options

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by paying for your treatment in full.


Third Party Financing

We are now happy to offer Lending Club and Proceed Finance to help you make affordable monthly payments to get the dental treatment you want and need.


Pre-qualification in minutes without affecting your credit score. Long terms and low rates create affordable payments for your full treatment plan.

Our Financial Coordinator will work with you to get a monthly payment that works for your budget.


Call our office today at (603)756-4719 to learn more!

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 Our role is to help simplify things for you. Once we get to know you, what you’ve been through, what’s worked and hasn’t worked in the past, and what features are most important to you, we can come up with a customized plan that is the right balance between what you want, what you need, and what you can afford.


If this sounds like the kind of help you’ve been looking for, we’d love to chat!


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