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Benefits of Getting Botox at Bowman Dental

Botox Injection

Dentists are facial experts. When it comes to the architecture of the face, dentists know the muscle and bone structures from extensive dental training, learning about the oral and maxillofacial (areas from the chin to the forehead) components in detail.

Patients can trust their Botox® injections to be precise AND to and look natural.

Botox is recommended every 6 months, which is the same timeline for preventive dental appointments. You can take care of your whole smile under one roof during a single appointment with our office!

Botox can be used for cosmetic purposes and to treat uncomfortable symptoms of bruxism, TMJ, and migraines

Botox® for Dental Treatment


While most people know that Botox® is used to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, many are unaware that it is also used to  offer dental health benefits far beyond what you might imagine.  Patients experiencing any of these conditions may benefit from dental Botox® treatments:

  • Upside-down smiles (as it takes more muscles to frown compared to smiling)

  • Lip lines and puckered chins

  • A “gummy” smiles due to over-retracted upper lips

  • Persistent clenching and grinding (aka bruxism) of the teeth

  • Orthodontic cases where retraining of the facial muscles is needed





Lip Botox Injection

The best way to determine which product would be best for you is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Molly.

Dr. Molly Sayball is a member the American Academy of Facial Esthetics (AAFE).

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